Saturday, 17/12/2011 23:56

E-commerce for integration and development

A seminar on e-commerce for integration and development was held in Hanoi on December 17 to promote the benefits of e-commerce and a master plan for developing e-commerce in the 2011-2015 period.

Speeches at the seminar emphasized that the Vietnamese Government is prioritizing e-commerce to boost the country’s economy.

It is believed that e-commerce will help Vietnam increase its competitive edge in exports and offer a shortcut to developing technology and international trade.

Participants at the seminar focused their discussions on global e-commerce, disseminating knowledge about e-commerce and the benefits of online shopping, as well as the e-commerce situation in Vietnam.

In order to achieve the country's e-commerce targets, it is necessary to develop human resources, build sufficient infrastructure, complete the necessary legalities, and develop appropriate public services.


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